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Pain Relief Acute and Chronic

​​​​​​​Cranio-Somatic Integration 

 CranioSomatic Integration (CSI) is a cranial and full body approach to treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.
CSI Rehabilitates many chronic and acute causes of the physical conditions responsible for pain.


                                                           CSI is Not Pain Management, It's Pain-Elimination

By Combining Cranio-Structural  Integration  developed Dr Dallas Hancock with our state of the art Soft Tissue Techniques and Myofasical Unwinding provides our clients with a powerful healing modaility we call CranoSomatic Integration.

CSI Cranio "the head, Somatic " the whole body" when Integrated becomes an effective pain relief and body unwinding. 

CSI  incorporates medical massage techniques, postural integration, Neurouscular Techniques, Cross Fiber Friction, Deep Tissue Therapy, Myfasical Unwinding, Accupressure, Emotional Release Therapy and is based on the individual needs of the client.

 CSI  Restructures the body by releasing  muscles, myofascial holding patterns, adhesions, and scar tissue. 

 CSI Rehabilitates the cause of PAIN and addresses the physical and emotional conditions responsible for pain.

 CSI techniques initiate the unwinding of the Chronic Pain patterns which facilitates the the ability to release soft tissue adhesions.  


 Specific techniques are applied to release old structural patterns that cause predictable painful conditions and dysfunction.
and address the primary area of discomfort  then releases any restrictions causing imbalances in the other areas of the body to support the improved alignment. When this is accomplished, the whole structure supports balance and stability and maximum rehabilitation is achieved.

CSI  Compliments standard medical treatments and chiropractic care, both as a primary therapy and an adjunct therapy. It rehabilitates and can help many problems associated with the spine including:  scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, herniated discs,  stenosis, whiplash, hyperlordosis, hypolordosis, reverse curvature of the neck, military neck, arthritis, osteoporosis, surgical scars and adhesions.

CSI effectively treats multiple conditions and will further enhance the level of healing of the body.  

  CSI It is not pain management!