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 Pain-Eliminator, Professional Pain Relief 

Christopher R Rutherford, LMT, SET, CSI   MA45064   

Is a Licensed Massage Therapist Specializing Chronic and Acute Pain Relief

Chris found his passion for healing many years before becoming a Therapist.

 He started off as an Audio Engineer in 1979 and has recorded many records throughout the years. During this time Chris always thought there was more and has always wanted to help people, he just did not know the best way to help.

He had a Girlfriend that would continually tell him his hands were Magic. Hearing this for a number of years Chris found himself in Massage School Studying Massage Therapy.

 After getting his Massage License and becoming an LMT. He soon realized this was not near enough. There must be so much more. Chris was asked to study Structural Energetic Therapy at the SET clinic in Lutz Florida with Don McCann and Pam Putnam. This was great bodywork but there was still much more to learn.

Chris sought out Dr.Dallas Hancock, DC and started his studies in Cranio/Structural Integration which is a Prolific World Class Cranial treatment that relieves the chronic distortions in the structures of the cranium and the body.

 Chris has combined the two therapies with neuromuscular, trigger point therapy and other modalities to create Cranio-Somatic Integration. Chris regularly see’s chronic pain clients and has had great success helping people out out of their pain. Chris has also worked in the Addiction field getting people out of pain so they don’t need, or think they need pain medication that have  so many negative side effects on the body.

 Chris is now studying the work of Tom Meyers and considers Tom one of the Best Therapists in the world.

 His Theory has always been to learn from the best in the world and has followed that desire throughout his career..

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Chris Rutherford, LMT MA45064