Chris Rutherford, LMT, CSI, SET

Is A Highly Skilled Therapists Specializing in Cranio-Somatic Integration.

Cranio-Somatic Integration is a World Renowned Cranial and whole body Therapy that Removes Chronic Patterns found in our Cranium and Body. These patterns could have been there for most of our life or could be the result of a trauma, disease, accident or surgery.  

Once CSI has balanced the body  it becomes stable, the body functions better  and Pain is reduced or eliminated.


Once the Chronic Patterns are removed from the cranium we focus on the remaining Compensatory Patterns in the soft tissue of the body  
Compensatory Patterns are Restrictions or Abnormalities in our Soft Tissue that cause holding patterns in our bodies and need direct pressure manipulating in  A very specific order to be alleviated.

With this Specialized Therapy we are able to change a persons structure so they feel better and function with balance and stability
 Pain Free

Athletic Function is improved, daily life is restored, You Get Your Life Back

"Pain can be a very powerful motivator" 

We use Kinesiology "Muscle Testing"  to show our Clients their progress from the first treatment. Muscles that were not working at their full potential are now strong and functioning properly. Physical Ability Improves. Athletic ability improves, and Pain is Relieved

CSI Eliminates Pain Long Term"

CSI is FACT BASED! You can see results from the very first treatment.
Myofascial restrictions that have taken a Lifetime to adhere can be corrected.

Adhesions from past surgeries can be softened, Repetitive motion disorders can be Alleviated, Chronic Pain Can be Reversed and Eliminated. 

Christopher Rutherford, LMT, CSI, SET  

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